Small office technology: doing things on the cheap

6 Jun

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If you’re one of those IT gods in a multi-million dollar corporation with hundreds of minions under your command looking after the needs of thousands of technology supplicants, then this blog is not for you.

On the other hand, if you’re running a small/home office with three t0 10 workstations, and you’re trying to find ways to keep your bottomline out of the red, then take a seat. Maybe we could help each other learn how to use technology to our advantage. 

When most people think of office IT systems, they usually have this image of an all-powerful team of geeks who could pretty much fix anything that goes wrong with their computer. However, if you’re a small business owner with limited resources to invest in additional equipment, software, or even a third-party IT service provider, then it becomes a matter of using the available technology resources efficiently, instead of buying the latest and most powerful computers,  software, and other hardware.

After all, why invest in a spanking new, state-of-art Cisco 3900 Series router that costs several thousand dollars when you’ve only got three computers and a  printer? Your network could easily be handled by a basic home router with a built-in firewall. Or if you have an old computer and network hub lying around, set it up with Linux and install a firewall like IPTables or IPCop.

In the same vein, most popular applications have opensource alternatives. From simple word processing, to image manipulation, and even  database management, you can find inexpensive (if not totally free) alternatives to practically all of the software you’re using right now.

Cost-effective, energy-efficient, and most of all, cheap technology solutions. That’s what I hope to teach people in this blog.

So, stick around. I’ll be posting some interesting articles on small office technology tips and tricks – and maybe even the occasional hack – that will let you be the master of your own little IT domain. If there’s a topic you’d like me to write about, feel free to email me at


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